Postmortem on a LiveEDU Live Stream Project (Part 1)

The past couple of months I've been live coding a project at [LiveEDU]( As I get ready to wrap up the project and start some new endeavors I'm taking a moment to think about the LiveEDU service itself and what I did well or could have done better.


@AustenAllred @yoavkaufman @foswi Same thing happened when we went to buy a couch. A couch! They were like, “but it’s 6 months same as cash?” I’m like, but I’m offering you f*cking cash...please just take my money.

Asked the kids what movie they wanted to watch. Steeling myself to have to watch a crappy kids movie for the 70th time. They picked Return of the King! woot!

This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve seen in a while. The instructions on how to light the pilot for my heater is…

@fpatrick He used to be a writer on SNL he’s got a comedy special on Netflix and had a tv show that was cancelled

Maybe @NJTRANSIT should make an announcement at their stations which are getting more and more crowded

So instead of anyone at @NJTRANSIT making an announcement that train service is suspended I’m telling people. Pretty shitty thing to do.

Any and every time I commute into NYC for business I’m reminded by how soul sucking the experience is and grateful@I charge extra to do it.