Postmortem on a LiveEDU Live Stream Project (Part 1)

The past couple of months I've been live coding a project at [LiveEDU]( As I get ready to wrap up the project and start some new endeavors I'm taking a moment to think about the LiveEDU service itself and what I did well or could have done better.


I have the Duck Tails theme song stuck in my head this morning.

Today I learned that #webdev becomes an extreme sport when there’s a kitten walking across your desk.

It just dawned on me that one of the last line of the song You’re Welcome is “Maui can do anything but float...” be…

The US winning gold in curling sounds like it could be part of a Nostradamus end-times prophecy

Material Design produces designs that lack…something…soul?

.@JetBlue you cancelled my wife’s flight tonight. Can you get her on another one or ya know pick up your phone so we can talk to someone

Things I never thought I would ever say: “don’t put those marbles in your jammies!” #parenting

why does creating a bulleted list suck so bad in @sketchapp? Am I doing something wrong here?