Postmortem on a LiveEDU Live Stream Project (Part 1)

The past couple of months I've been live coding a project at [LiveEDU]( As I get ready to wrap up the project and start some new endeavors I'm taking a moment to think about the LiveEDU service itself and what I did well or could have done better.


Anyone else having this issue with iOS..that A and square is what happens to the word “I️” on my phone now. I’ve re…

Woo 280 characters now!! Ehh...I️ still got nothing.

I’m always slightly annoyed that I live in a district that doesn’t give out those “I voted” stickers. #IVoted

Funny, when a white man killed more in Las Vegas than any modern shooting, we didn’t use the word terrorism-or pass…

In my sons Halloween parade today there was a kid dressed up as a slice of pepperoni pizza...he was wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask too.

Rooting for the Seahawks here, but if the Texans lose I’m afraid McNair will take away their visitor privileges & yard time.

CNN: Mueller’s arresting folks MSNBC: Mueller’s arresting folks Nick Jr: Mueller’s arresting folks Fox: Obama may be blacker than we thought

Twitter: everyone mad about everything. Facebook: everyone mad about politics. LinkedIn: everyone screaming into the void.

The good thing about NJ is that everything is in driving distance. The bad news is everyone else knows this. #traffic