Converting PX to REMs with a Simple Mixin

One of the first challenges you face when working with a designer is fonts. Designers are typically working with a fixed unit such as pixels, and we developers are typically working in EMs or REMs. So how do we handle the conversion?


Taking children to Target should be an Olympic sport. Jesus Christ.

So I wrote this #postcss plugin called postcss-insert and had it added to the plugin directory. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone or anything yet and still 23 random people downloaded it. Open source still blows my mind

@milanchheda @php_synopsis This could be slightly dangerous if they decide to install this on the open internet and delay making the first user. You might restrict it to a specific domain/email. Also make sure email verification goes out to specific client that the user was set up.

@milanchheda @php_synopsis Got it. Yeah in this case I would create a special route that allows the creation of one admin user. Once that admin is created the route does not work. Something like if super-user exists throw 404. After that the super admin should have the ability to create new admins.

@milanchheda @php_synopsis Ive registered a new user then I will either directly edit the DB to add what I need (like flip a bit) or execute a SQL statement if it’s more complex. I’ve also created special super admin registration routes that I remove once registered. Depends on complexity of the app.

We are giving away two maybe 3 kittens. Serious inquires DM me on Twitter or message me on Facebook. They are healthy but our older cat is distressed by them.

I'm old enough to remember when Republicans banned the Dixie Chicks for criticizing America while overseas.