Converting PX to REMs with a Simple Mixin

One of the first challenges you face when working with a designer is fonts. Designers are typically working with a fixed unit such as pixels, and we developers are typically working in EMs or REMs. So how do we handle the conversion?


@Crell Jesus I'm sorry you had to write this. Your work has always been outstanding. This will make me think twice about @drupal usage

Thanks everyone for hanging out with me tonight over @liveedutv we’ll pick it up again next week!

@hackerhasid it's their choices. debacle of v1 to 2, decision to skip 3, typescript, & team not wanting ppl to talk about specific versions

Jesus Christ. I'm not angular dev and the more I read about it the happier I am for skipping it.

Missing my grandparents today so I made myself a PB&J sandwich on Italian bread.

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Forge: If you issued your LetsEncrypt certificates between May - September 2016, please re-create them in the Forge UI as soon as you can.

An underlying library was forced to change its name due to a trademark dispute and this could cause interruptions in renewals.