Converting PX to REMs with a Simple Mixin

One of the first challenges you face when working with a designer is fonts. Designers are typically working with a fixed unit such as pixels, and we developers are typically working in EMs or REMs. So how do we handle the conversion?


Nothing like starting your week off by heading to the DMV. It's all up from here!

Anyone have a good iOS ad blocker recommendation?

Shit. I walked upstairs all the kids are in the living room and it's quiet. Too quiet.

*insert corporate Aprils Fools joke here*

it’s pretty pathetic that because of what the GOP did I’m looking for a VPN service in fucking Moldova.

Looking at a UX persons website today…the site didn’t have a way to navigate back to the home page…

"There's Raisin Bran in my shoe" is something else I can add to the list of stuff I never thought I would say. #parenting