Postmortem on a LiveEDU Live Stream Project (Part 1)

The past couple of months I've been live coding a project at [LiveEDU]( As I get ready to wrap up the project and start some new endeavors I'm taking a moment to think about the LiveEDU service itself and what I did well or could have done better.


ok, I give up, Laravel Mix is just not my cup of tea. Back to Gulp

For weeks, POTUS allowed total access to American intel for a man he knew was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Undisputed fact.

kids are stacking the cat food cans and knocking them down...ignoring the hundreds of dollars in blocks we have strewn around the house

We are in a pivotal moment in American history. We have a president who is delusional. He is a pathological liar.

It's almost as if electing an unstable Fox News viewer in his 70s with no governing experience wasn't a great idea.

I’d watch the shit out of a @southpark show w/ the fat kids from the WoW ep. where they review games in Cartman’s basement

Uh…when @realDonaldTrump tweeted: "SEE YOU IN COURT…” does he not realize that he's IN court? Like, he's lost court…

Cleanup after the storm is massive undertaking. No not the snow. The storm of toys & crap after my kids spend the day stuck in the house.

Very important to get your DeVos jokes in while people can still read

3y/o coming up from basement: "daddy my hands are cold," me: "yeah the basement is cold," 3y/o: "no, my hands are cold up here." #dadjoke

My 3y/o quizzing me on @DoctorWho_BBCA "daddy whose the 4th doctor, whose the 3rd...whose the 2nd," feels like I'm in some sorta nerd school

BREAKING: Appeals court denies Trump admin. request for stay of injunction on immigration order, meaning the Trump order remains suspended.

TIL you can be a "professional 'roo shooter" in Australia

POTUS req to pay for own accoms. while on vacay. But taxpayers will pay for SS and other staff's accoms while staying in POTUS owned prop.