Postmortem on a LiveEDU Live Stream Project (Part 1)

The past couple of months I've been live coding a project at [LiveEDU]( As I get ready to wrap up the project and start some new endeavors I'm taking a moment to think about the LiveEDU service itself and what I did well or could have done better.


I'm old enough to remember when Republicans banned the Dixie Chicks for criticizing America while overseas.

Just watched a dude sneeze onto his phone, no attempt to cover his mouth, just huge sneeze kept scrolling. He’s gotta be at least know part of that generation that complains about my generations manners and inability to get off our phones. #BabyBoomersAreTerrible

@nickf I was at an agency once that readied a pitch and they had 20 people in a room for days on end. I realized it was probably costing us something like 50k an hour in billing. Have no idea what 90% of those folks did. In the end we lost the business ?

I firmly believe there needs to be an IQ test before one is allowed to use the self checkout at a grocery store

Here’s the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. Lightning strikes somewhere real close to the Princeton Junction train station.

So my kids have played through Ratchet and Clank about 4 times....they love the game. @insomniacgames what’s the highest possible number of bolts you can get because they wanna try and and break it.

What's amazing to me is that Sarah Sanders is still going to restaurants thinking she's getting clean food.