Converting PX to REMs with a Simple Mixin

One of the first challenges you face when working with a designer is fonts. Designers are typically working with a fixed unit such as pixels, and we developers are typically working in EMs or REMs. So how do we handle the conversion?


This summer our family is going on a road trip through the south where we will be visiting sites/places that were crucial during the civil rights movement. @kanyewest, let me know if you want to come along for the ride.

My daughter did something to my sons leap pad that allowed her to get to a screen that acts as a sorta cheat code for the device. How she did clue, she’s 2

Was going to try and livestream from my couch today due to my back. Doc is making things difficult...probably going to just record and post something.

stop setting a sass variable for the colors black and white. It’s literally less characters to type #000 and #fff.

Asked my kids to go the basement and clean up their toys. I can’t tell if they’re cleaning or reenacting a Saw movie #parenting

Today I learned that Minnie Mouse has a cat. Just a normal cat. I find everything about that very disturbing

@frankdejonge Oh I also had to manually delete the brew installed php.ini files there were ones for php 5.6, 7, 7.1 and 7.2. Once I deleted those things got back to normal on my system

@frankdejonge I removed every php extension, uninstalled php, pruned/cleaned and got rid of all the php kegs. I had to restart my computer to make sure it was using The Mac version of php after that I installed php from home brew and pecl install for my extensions (redid, xdebug and imagick)