About Joe

Hi, I'm Joe and I'm a developer.

I've been programming and building websites since IE6 was considered the pinnacle of browsing experiences. I'm a web standards evangelist who codes fully responsive HTML5 apps with Sass by default. I have also been coding Javascript for many years too and have been currently digging into and learning a lot more about the MVVM framework VueJS. While I started off as a front end developer, I was never satisfied with only knowing a portion of a development stack, so over the years I've learned PHP, MySQL, and a bevy of other technologies and frameworks.

I've built large enterprise sites and custom CMSs for brands like Exxon.com and H&RBlock.com. I've built SaaS applications like Grasswire.com or SimpleStep and RESTful API/SDK development for e-commerce products. I also work on open source projects such as maintaining a Compass plugin for Laravel's Elixir project and Heisenberg, which is a front end toolkit I use a base for developing new projects.

If you'd like to dig a little deeper into my career feel free to message me on Twitter and I can get you a copy of my CV to look over. If you're more of a meat-and-potatos kinda person, you can always check out my Github profile

So What's this Site About?

At my core I really enjoy teaching. It's something I find myself doing at every job I've ever been at in one form or another. So I've decided to take the show on the road (er...Internet) and post some stuff.

My goal is to post videos and write articles as time permits and to give concrete well-documented examples.


This site is mine and mine alone, I don't expect anyone to be offended by anything I say, but I can assure you that, unless otherwise noted, these words are mine and mine alone.